Thursday, 9 August 2012

Vintage Bicycles

Skeppshult is a Swedish company that has been making hand-built bicycles for almost 100 years. I've been wanting a Skeppshult for ages. Ever since I first laid eyes on one, it's been on my wish list - I just love their vintage look. They come with all the bells and whistles which include sturdy wire baskets, skirt guards, manual or automatic options and integrated locks to name just a few.

A while back, I got in touch with the Australian distributor to place an order, however it would now appear that they are no longer in business (after stringing me along for months) - and it's been near impossible to try and get one from anywhere else.

So I decided to get in touch with the European manufacturer, who just keep telling me that it would be way too expensive to send one bike to Australia. Don't things get freighted across the globe every day?

It just so happens that we have friends in a freight forwarding business who are happy to help out. Now all I have to do is place an order, and we'll arrange shipment from our end. I've been waiting forever to get my hands on this bike. I kind of need to fill in time while the house gets built, and this would be the perfect thing to do.


  1. Love the bike. What colour are you getting? melx

    1. I LOVE the vanilla with the brown leather saddle - but I think the frame on that model is too big for me. So I will have to get the second one (smaller frame) but it doesn't come in vanilla:( However they may do a custom build for me. Still waiting to hear back. xx