Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Routine Inspection

Our little cottage has been rented out since the day we bought it, and during this time it has rapidly deteriorated. I guess I wasn't anticipating that it would take this long to commence the renovations, but we are now only about 5 months from getting things underway. Sadly, I don't think the poor old dear will hold up that long. We recently had a routine inspection carried out by our property manager, and things aren't looking great, particularly with the external elements of the house.

The boards on the front verandah are very weathered and loose, and are becoming unsafe.

The external paintwork is slowly peeling off and the verandah balustrades are falling apart.

It's not quite at the point were it would be condemned, but I don't think it's far off.

The decision I'm facing now is do we spend more money on a temporary fix on something that will be replaced in 5 months time or do we bite the bullet and just redo the whole front verandah now? I'm worried that if we proceed with one thing, it will uncover other stuff that needs doing, so where do you stop?


  1. Oh yes, if those pics were blue it would be some great shots of Betsy's rear end! Legoman dropped huge trunks of tree on our back stairs and decimated the bottom two. The kids are now using the slide instead. I have to keep reminding myself not to fall and break an ankle every time I hang the washing out. melx

  2. That's a hard one. I'd get a handyman to do a patch-up job just to make it safer and make it last the five months...xx

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