Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Queenslander Houses - would you buy a renovator?

What is it about Queenslanders? They're cold in winter, hot in summer, prone to white ant attack and are in constant need of work, but thousands of people, me included, wouldn't live in any other kind of house.

Perhaps it's their simplistic structure or the natural materials they are constructed from that harks back to a time when life was simple and carefree. It seems that as you get older sometimes you just want to wind the clock back to the good old days.

When I'm out walking around the streets where I live and see an "old girl" in need of some love, it's almost like walking past the kennels at the RSPCA - these houses are looking at me screaming "please save me!" I just can't help myself - if I had more money I would buy them all and do them up, one by one.

I'm still extremely keen to continue with our renovations, but there have been quite a few good houses that have come onto the market of late (probably has something to do with Spring.) I'm just checking all  other options, before we actually start.

I arranged for an inspection of a house the other day - it has a good floor plan and sits on an elevated 650 m2 block (which is pretty good for around here.) Sadly it has suffered from neglect and lack of maintenance over the years. Most people wouldn't look twice at it. But I can see past the rusty old roof, termite damage and awful colour scheme.

Water damage

White ant damage

Rusted out roof and gutters

When I saw the enclosed front verandah:


This is what I imagined it could look like:

My vision

And this old sleep out:

With that wall knocked out could become this:

So I did a crazy thing - I put in an offer!


  1. Wow! I love queenslander houses!

    They cost a bomb to maintain and are a lot of work, but they are so worth it. I can see your vision, and I think it would be gorgeous.

    Let us know how you go with your offer!

  2. I love Queenslanders too!
    And I wish I could spend my life buying them and renovating them...of course I have yet to get around to renovating the one we live in so I probably shouldn't quit my day job yet!

    I love that vision of yours...I am sure that any house that you renovate will end up being gorgeous!

    And PS if you are ever over Red Hill way and want to pop in for a visit, please feel free...I would love to hear your thoughts on what we might do with our house!

  3. Oooh, I snuck a look at the house you found on line and I can see why you have put an offer in, she has good bones. Betsy is impressed. And a mango tree in the garden, perfection. My goodness though are your architects going to be cranky? or the husband? Besty and I have our fingers crossed for you. melx

  4. Oh I'll keep my fingers crossed! I am EXACTLY the same with the old houses - I'm always daydreaming about what I could do with some of the beauties that come on the market. I wish more people would have the same vision and that less of them would be demolished to make way for more modern houses. Having done our renovation last year I certainly haven't been out off and if anything can feel that I will do it again at some point. Though maybe not too soon if I want to stay married ! Good luck with the offer Fiona

  5. Ha! You don't muck about! I've only just caught up. GoodIluck. It's a beauty. xx

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