Friday, 17 August 2012

Bicycle update

After many emails back and forth between Sweden and Australia, we've almost sorted it out. I can't get exactly what I want, but I'm pretty happy with this option. This model, which has a frame size of 47cm, should fit me like a glove, but it doesn't come in Vanilla - shucks. It only comes in the following colour options:

What do you think? I personally like the black - and I think it would look really cool with a Brooks brown leather seat and brown handle grips.

The manufacturer advised that freight will probably cost more than the bike itself - YIKES. So I'm now waiting on a quote from a freight forwarding company with my fingers (and toes) crossed that it will be much cheaper than this.

The baby is almost old enough to go into a child seat or in our bike trailer, so when I eventually get a bicycle we will finally be able to go cycling together.


  1. I like the black too...can't go wrong with that classic combination!

    And PS we are having an architect come around to our house next week...I am already excited to hear her ideas...and I am already worried about the renovation costs!

    1. My advice - speak to at least 3 architects before you commit to one. I learnt the very expensive way! Best of luck. xx