Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Trouble comes in 3's and decadent breakfast on show day

They say trouble comes in three's.

1. A few weeks ago, I spent 8 hours in Children's Emergency with Harry.

2. Then the other day, my regular babysitter fell off a ladder while she was painting and ended up in hospital - so no more help for me until further notice (btw I hope you're feeling better D.)

3. Last Monday morning Mark flew out to PNG, and on arrival started getting severe abdominal pain. He didn't want to risk needing treatment over there, particularly that he was going to be out in a remote jungle somewhere, so he caught the next plane home. I took him into hospital, where he will remain happily sedated on morphine until the end of the week.

I hope that is the end of our bad luck.

Late last night I realised we were out of bread, and rather than pile four kids into a car first thing in the morning to go to the shops, I decided to make my own which would be nice and fresh for the morning.

I've made this Walnut and Fig loaf lots of times, and it's absolutely delicious. So this morning's breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs with parsley and walnut pesto, toasted slices of walnut and fig bread and OJ - oh and a freshly brewed cappuccino.

We haven't got any plans for today, however the eldest wants to go to China Town to have Peking Duck for lunch - I don't know where he gets it from!

Hope you're all enjoying yourselves on this Public Holiday.


  1. I wish I had breakfast at your house!
    No fancy breakfast here.
    But I have cauliflower risotto on the stove and brownies in the oven...I want to get this evenings cooking out of the way while Baby Cis napping so I can just enjoy the day off!

    Hope your bad luck has come to an end!
    And that everyone gets better soon!

  2. Goodness, your poor hubby! Hope he is on the mend, and hope you are coping ok without him. Love your lack of bread solutions and cannot believe you can pull of a cafe style brekkie with 4 smalls and an absent hubby! melx

  3. One thing I do well is EAT (but unfortunately it is now starting to show.) xx