Thursday, 16 August 2012

Stop bugging me - Peking Duck

My eight year old has a pretty unusual palate for a boy his age, and he has been wanting to eat Peking Duck ever since his teacher read them a story about a young girl celebrating Chinese New Year. He kept asking and asking until I finally caved in, so off we went into Chinatown - just me and the four boys.

We made a bit of an adventure of it and caught the bus in - everyone stared at me with pity. "Are they all yours?" people asked.

While the other young families were eating at Macca's, Subway, etc, there I was sitting at a table with a 8yr, 4yr, 2yr and 9 month old eating duck (well actually Oscar was just observing.)

The anticipation/The delivery

The consumption/The End

Jack was so damn excited - he has kind of missed out on doing lots of fun things because there's always been a baby to consider (e.g. spending the day at the beach - not so great with a newborn.) But times are slowly changing.

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  1. He looks so pleased with himself! And hats off to you for busing it alone with your gang. I have never taken mine on a bus, EVER! Trains occasionally, bikes often but not a bus. Must remedy that shortly before miss Liongirl thinks it's not an option. melx