Friday, 24 August 2012

Have you ever missed out on THE house of your dreams?

Anxiety has set in, and I'm feeling like a bit of a traitor because for the last 48 hours I turned my back on our cottage and it's impending transformation.

The other day, I spotted a house for sale in a neighbouring suburb. Considering it's size and proximity to the city, I felt it was very reasonably priced. I drove past it 4 or 5 times, and called the agent to arrange an inspection.

You see, this house is much, much bigger than our worker's cottage. In fact it's more than twice the size. It also sits on a larger parcel of land, it has some beautiful traditional features and appears to have very good bones. Although it is in need of a spit and polish, it really doesn't have to be extended to cater for our large family. All it needs is a re-arrangement of the existing rooms in order for it to flow better.

In these troubled financial times, it's all a matter of good economics. I decided I was prepared to buy this house and let the other one go. That was it - I had talked myself into selling our cottage.

I sat up until midnight mulling over the current floor plan, sketching my little heart out until I came up with the perfect design solution. (I think I used a ream of paper in the process and sharpened my pencil until it had almost disappeared.) I made sure that I could incorporate some of our current design features, and it all fit in perfectly under the existing roofline. We could make these alterations for half the cost of the renovation at West End, have a substantial backyard for the kids and still end up with a really great house  -  although the cottage is in a far superior location as far as I'm concerned.

My dream for our cottage in West End was about to end - along with this blog which I have only just started.

However in the course of trying to arrange an inspection with the agent (who didn't return my call), the house went under offer. And I'm now finding myself feeling a little pissed off. Perhaps it's just the universe - what will be will be. So it looks like our renovation in West End is still proceeding.

Have you ever missed out on THE house?


  1. Wow,that was tough! Just think of your great location, that's why we bought ours.

  2. Goodness, I would be a terrier in this situation. Call the agent again, what if you have a better offer? What if the other offer falls through? You can always change your blog title if you change suburbs!
    We were in love with a house in Corinda for 10 years ( even though we could never have afforded it). I even wrote the owners a letter. It ended up selling within the family and has been renovated to an unrecognizable level.
    We also were terriers with Betsy and wrote those owners a letter as well, they had five offers and we were not the highest but they chose us as they felt our house was the most sellable. I am a strong believer in going all in if your heart says to.melx

  3. I thought we had missed out on our dream house...but then we ended up in this house and, for the past three years at least, it has been perfect for us. And it has been perfect mostly because of the location. I love being able to walk to Paddington and get a coffee or browse in the shops. We are near so many parks and playgrounds. And our neighbours are all wonderful.
    That being said, I do still wonder what if we had gotten that other house...what direction would our life have taken then?
    Good luck either way! What will be, will be!