Friday, 17 August 2012

Farmer's Wife?

I collected Mark from the hospital today. I don't know if it was the drugs or what, but he advised me that he wanted to buy some land in Northern NSW and become a cattle farmer - moving interstate had not previously been something he was entertaining!

I was watching TV tonight (well actually I was washing the dishes at the time) and saw the preview of the new series of Farmer Wants a Wife. I couldn't help but notice the location of where this series has been shot. I recognised this house immediately - it has, until recently, been up for sale for a cool $7.9M but is now up for Auction.

It's located at Possum Creek in the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland. This house was built and owned by Aussie Paul Hogan, who sold in back in 2006.

This house is 800m2 under roofline - that's double the size of our entire block in West End and sits on 115 lush green acres.

Check out the pool:

Oh, and here's the master bedroom:

Foyer and Grand Staircase:

Personally I'd be happy with just the manager's residence:

Perhaps Mark should've auditioned for the show...


  1. Is your hubby a mining engineer? My dad was a mining engineer who spent years working in PNG- I spent a few school holidays up there. Then he decided to become a cattle farmer and now has a 100 acre working beef cattle farm in Victoria! I hope for your sake it is just the drugs talking, especially when you are so close to an actual newly renovated house! melx

    1. He's been in the mining game for most of his career - specialising in underground mining. The farming thing is something he's wanted to dabble in for a little while now. The house will go ahead, trust me. xx

  2. I remember seeing this on TV when Paul Hogan was living there,I'd be happy with the manager's house too!