Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Free Shipping?

Today I received the quote to have a bicycle shipped from Sweden to Australia - and the charges are more than the bike itself. Question is do I want the bike that bad or should I be looking for a cheaper alternative?

Sommer in Black (top) and Maya (bottom) by Papillionaire

I saw a lady riding this bike at the West End Markets last Saturday. It's from Papillionaire, an Australian based company who design affordable, Euro-style bicycles. Papillionaire have an on-line store where you can customise your bicycle and have it delivered to your door. It will cost half the price of the other one.

On another subject - we received a second cost estimate for the house. It was still a little high, but much more reasonable than the first one, so based on that we can now move forward onto design development.


  1. I love the look of that bike!

    So sad that the shipping costs more - isn't that always the way.

    The original bike looks like the Kitchenaid of bikes! So many colours to choose from. Good luck.

  2. Go the local version. What if you ship out and there are problems or needs repairs. Could end up being like the Saab of bikes. melx