Monday, 6 August 2012

Sick of being sick

Last year whilst we were living in Orange, Harry got the flu pretty bad. So much so, that he could hardly breathe so we high-tailed it up the the new hospital which had just opened. He was diagnosed with asthma, although it is only brought on by illness. Since then, we have had several trips to the Emergency Department.

Various hospital visits

The other week when I was picked him up from Kindy, I heard a child in the classroom who sounded like they had whooping cough (it wasn't, but the poor kid sounded like they were about to cough up a lung - I don't know why they were at school or why they weren't sent home?) I had an awful feeling that it would spread, and sure enough a few days later Harry got sick.

Keeping himself busy

We found ourselves back at the Mater Hospital very early in the morning, but we were lucky to be home by lunchtime. Unfortunately he then spread the love to the rest of the family so I've been nursing four sick children for the past week. And what's even worse is that Mark is away with work - great timing.

This has got to be the worst flu season ever.


  1. Oh you poor, poor thing! I was tearing my hair out with two of them, can only imagine how dealing with 4 sick kids simultaneously would be. And don't husbands just have the best timing! I remember once when Legoman was o/s I had food poisoning and could not stand up without fainting and had an 8 month old to look after for about 5 hours until my mum could leave work to help me. But we survive don't we, somehow. Take care and start planning a really good shopping spree to compensate when he gets back. melx ps I love all your dining table options.

  2. Wow,sounds like you've had a horrid time.A girlfriend's child has chronic asthma and she has also spent plenty of time in hospital wards.Hope everyone gets better soon,get some of that vitamin d outside!