Sunday, 15 July 2012

What's in your trolley?

Well it's been a horrid weekend over here - all four of the boys have come down with the flu, and to top it off, hubby has contracted "man flu"- which is apparently much worse than any flu I ever get! His usual request for chicken soup was granted, but first I had to go to the supermarket to grab some ingredients.

I don't know about you but while I'm out doing the groceries, I always seem to be checking out what's in other people's trolleys. Maybe it's because I am genuinely interested to see what other people are eating, but in reality I think it's because I am a food Nazi (which my children will either love or hate me for when they get older.)

My trolley is generally packed with heaps of fresh produce. However everyone else's seems to be loaded with packets of processed or convenience foods, soft drinks, chips, etc, etc and it really disgusts me. You see, I have this thing about food additives (particularly the really nasty ones). I am forever reading labels to see what is actually in a certain item, and when I'm unsure of something, I have an App on my iphone which tells me if an additive is safe to consume. I once saw a woman putting a certain popular brand of peanut butter into her trolley (a brand that contains a chemical that is a known carcinogenic), and I had to stop myself from saying to her "Don't buy that!" But I figured it was none of my business, so I continued on my way. But maybe she didn't know. Maybe she doesn't read the list of ingredients the same way I do.

Is it just me? Am I the only one that reads labels or cares about what my family are actually eating?


  1. Forgot to comment on this post the other day. Hope all those boys are on the mend (5 of them- yikes ) and hope you are still sane.! I too shop very carefully as my kids have both food allergies and are sensitive to additives. would love to know what app you are using? Melx

    1. Hi Mel, the App I use is called "Chemical Maze" complete edition (it was first published as a pocket guide by Bill Statham.) Great to use if you have allergies or food intolerances, or just want information on additives in general. I highly recommend it - a great resource for anyone who wants to avoid nasty chemicals.