Monday, 16 July 2012

Wardrobe dilemmas

Nope, this is not my wardrobe but I must remember to have this discussion with our architect when when get to the Design Development stage of our project (which is where they design all the finer details of each room, including cabinetry.)

We live in a unit that is kitted out with the best kitchen appliances - double oven, coffee machine, warming drawer, microwave:

Gaggenau Appliances

We have awesome views across the Brisbane River from each room:

View from Living Room to the Regatta Hotel

View from the boys' bedroom

But there is one major design flaw here, which became apparent on the day we moved in and has irritated us ever since. Have a look at our walk-in-robe:

The section for hanging shirts is a little too short! What were the designers/cabinet makers thinking? Isn't there a standard size or something?

So hubby is using the long hanging space to hang his work shirts (this section should be dedicated to things like dresses or coats.)

So all my dresses, etc are in one of the boy's bedrooms instead. How could they get this detail so wrong in a brand new executive-style apartment? I hope the robes in our new house are a little more functional.


  1. Yep these kind of things drive me bonkers, especially when you consider that these people do this for a career and not a hobby like us!
    Betsy's current very crappy kitchen has (so we have been informed) a $7000 oven (yikes) and NO bench space and NO pantry space whatsoever.No surprises when we were told it was designed by the husband who had an oven fetish! Every time I put groceries away and they fall out I am chanting how much I hate this kitchen! melx

  2. Clearly no woman was consulted when those wardrobes were created! And wow, your hubby has way more clothes than me!! xx

  3. I really love that green wardrobe unit. It is well designed and arranged. Hope that will save you a lot of space and keep your clothes safe. These kinda systems are a necessary for those who have a collection of clothes and accessories.