Saturday, 7 July 2012

More design inspiration...

I mentioned in a previous post that I prefer neutral palettes when it comes to home decor. I think this next house pretty much sums me up:

This house (a collaboration between Pleysier Perkins and MIM Design) appears in the current edition of Houses K+B and I imagine it caught the editor's eye as well, because it just happens to feature on the front cover.

I love everything about it including the soft, chalky white hues, the timber lining boards and those Caravaggio pendants in the kitchen! And this just happens to be my kind of kitchen - not an overhead cupboard in sight. The hidden walk-in-pantry houses the fridge and other appliances leaving the main part of the kitchen free of clutter.

And look at this cool idea for the kids' rooms - a relatively shallow display cabinet which is perfect for storing their books.

All images:  MIM Design

It's kind of a mix between Scandinavian style and contemporary Australian beach house. I just wish I had a coastal retreat like this one.


  1. Great kitchen, love all the white.Similar design to mine, except my fridge will be where the clock is. I am planning a concealed rangehood like that but white and open shelves either side to display some of my colourful goodies. I hate overhead cupboards too about as much as corner pantries! I love white walls with wooden floors, nothing better I think. Although I wouldn't describe this style as neutral- I think more of beige and taupes as neutral and that is not me at all. I love your colour pop idea from the previous post- love the green the best. And the baby is of course super cute- why stop at 4 when they are so gorgeous? melx

    1. Hey, I LOVE the white too! Unfortunately the next 6 months is going to consist of me posting photos of other people's houses. By the time we actually start, my architect will think I have a multiple personality disorder - I just like so many different styles. I'm seriously going to have to make up mind and just stick with it. x