Thursday, 19 July 2012

A post about nothing...

Besides taking care of a household full of sick people, not much else has been happening around here.  We've been cooped up inside for a week, and I could feel a bit of cabin fever setting in, so I took the kids out for a walk this morning along the riverfront. You may recall this house I originally posted about here? Well here is the progress on it.



Getting built-in underneath

View from driveway
Looks a little intimidating, doesn't it.

Onto another subject, our cost estimates are due back in a couple of weeks. A bit of nervous tension is building, particularly that last time we went through this exercise the quotes were WAY OVER our original budget. Hopefully we'll have better luck this time.


  1. Oh boy, that poor little house. I know why they have done it, re floods, but it just looks, well, bizarre. Good luck with your costings, nauseating isn't it? Not much house stuff happening here either, too much illness here too.melx

    1. Actually this house was not flood affected. It has been raised, and the block has been cut, to create what will be a 3 storey house (garage + 2 levels on top.)

  2. Well now that is just scandalously awful then isn't it. Unless they do a very modern interpretation of this house, which could almost work, it will otherwise be a dog's breakfast of a queenslander. Betsy is just having a turn thinking about it all.

  3. Now hoping it is not owned by your brother the architect! melx