Sunday, 8 July 2012

Renovating a Worker's Cottage with Mokum

This image is from a Clare Cousins project, where they have used grooved MDF instead of the usual plasterboard lining on the walls. It provides a nice textural element to the space, and the colour is kind of neat too! Perhaps I could do something like this down the hallway near the kids' rooms. This product is available in the same profile as the existingVJs (which make up the entire front part of the house), so it would be a nice reference to the original cottage.

The banquette seating we have planned in the same hallway, which includes storage space underneath, will be topped with upholstered seat cushions. I rather like this fabric "Firewheel" from Mokum, which would work well with this paint colour.

It comes in a variety of colours, and I was actually thinking of using the black version in the sitting room.

Here's a another job by Owen & Vokes where they have used Mokum's "Mimosa" in ebony. This particular material happens to be suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, so it's a great choice of fabric to use on a verandah. And look at the verandah floor! It's the same shade of green as the bathroom tiles I was looking at here. What a lovely little spot to sit and relax!


  1. I do love that fabric in the enclosed verandah. Such a nice room. xx

  2. Yep the black and white fabric on that daybed looks fantastic.I am not into black at all here at Betsy's but can so appreciate it in other peoples interiors. So enjoying all your pinning of pics. I have no time to be on pinterest but it is so good to have someone with similar house style posts doing all that pinning that I can appreciate. You are better value than A-M as we have more closely aligned house design appreciation! melx