Sunday, 22 July 2012

WANTED - Mid Century Wardrobe

When the youngest was born, I lashed out and bought this Nifty Timber Cot from Ubabub.

I absolutely love it. I'm actually planning on buying a kit to change it from a cot to a junior bed. I figured Oscar will get at least 5 or 6 years out of it by doing so.

I've had a re-think about the kids' bedrooms, and where each will sleep. It makes sense to put the baby in the bedroom closest to the kitchen (Bed 4).  This way, I can put a child gate in front of his bedroom door and the room can become like a giant playpen. This will be ideal while I'm cooking - he can't get under my feet, but I can still keep an eye on him and he will still feel like part of the action.

I was reluctant to get a built-in robe fitted into this room because it's in the old part of the house, so a free-standing robe would suit the room better - still undecided what the best solution is however.

Unfortunately Ubabub don't manufacture wardrobes, so I am hoping to find a mid-century wardrobe that will go nicely with the cot for the nursery.  Has anyone got any ideas where I could source one and how much would I expect to pay for it?

Alternatively, I could get one made up similar to this:

Source: Anthropologie 

It's got the right proportions, tapered legs, and cute solid timber peg door knobs - in fact the same knobs are specified for the robes in the other bedrooms. This particular wardrobe has a long hanging space on the left, shelves on the right-hand side and two deep drawers below. Crafted out of a birch ply, it could be stained in walnut to match the cot or I could leave it natural and paint some of the doors or drawers white (eg, similar to Oeuf's mini library.)

I know I'm going to a lot of trouble to decorate/furnish his room - but it's probably because I feel guilty. The poor thing has been sleeping in our wardrobe since he was born. But before you go and ring Child Services, it is a Walk-In-Robe.

All I need now is an Eames rocker, and Oscar's room is set!


  1. I've not seen very many mid-century wardrobes...mostly art-deco. You should try Add vintage at the Gabba or Dansk Vintage. But you could also try ebay and've got time up your sleeve. xx

  2. I like your wardrobe idea too. Here are some sites that I had stashed in my reno folder- might give you somewhere to start, although they seem to have mainly credenzas and side tables. and Love the baby in the wardrobe, a little Harry Potter under the stairs- esque. melx

  3. Thanks guys - I'll be checking them all out. xx