Thursday, 5 July 2012


I'm the sort of person who likes a fairly neutral colour palette, and we are planning to paint the internal walls of the house white, but I was thinking that it might be fun to inject some colour into the childrens' wing. I'm getting my inspiration from the houses below.

What do you think of these pops of yellow?

Source: Archdaily

Or perhaps green is your thing?

Source: Neil Architecture

What about this colour?

The corridor that runs towards the back of the house will be lined on one side with huge sliding doors (which are the entrances to the kids bedrooms.) The wall on the other side of the corridor is fully glazed with banquette seating running down the entire length. I was thinking of using colour down this corridor (on just the doors and/or wall down the right hand side.) 

If I get tired of it down the track, it's only a relatively small paint job to remedy. Would you be brave enough to use some eye-popping colour in your home?

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