Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Home Beautiful

I've been hanging on to an old edition of Home Beautiful since 2005, which features a Victorian weatherboard cottage that was revamped by Melbourne firm, Neil Architecture. I've always liked this house - light, white with pops of lime green. It's as crisp and fresh as a Granny Smith!

The kitchen features white cabinetry with a mix of stainless steel and Gioia marble benchtops. I particularly like the stainless steel ledge against the splashback in the kitchen - what a space-saving idea. Bits and bobs can sit on the ledge, leaving the benchtop free of clutter.

Here's the same kitchen from another angle:

So now that we're finally doing up our old house, this is exactly what we're putting in - however our's will be constructed from marble to match the marble benchtop. Here's an example of what it will look like:

We have specified wall hung vanities in our bathrooms, so the same ledge will also feature there as well.

Love this idea for the bathroom - nice & simple.

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