Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Orleigh Park - West End

We are so fortunate to have so much green space where we live - and we make good use of it too particularly due to the fact that we are currently living in an apartment. It actually won't really matter that the yard at our house is small. Orleigh Park happens to be located just around the corner and it is such a beautiful and popular park with the kids - they absolutely love it.

It's amazing that this quiet little pocket, otherwise known as Hill End, is so close to the city. It's got to be my favourite place.

(NB: These photos were taken with my iphone - I'm still reading the camera manual!)

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  1. We love Orleigh park too.That new spinning dish is a total hit and i don't think my kids got out for at least an hour last time we were there. Exciting news about the camera, I have had my dslr for nearly a year and still haven't taken it off auto! I know disgraceful and i really need to do a camera course too, hoping Tim Couslon will be coming to Briz to do one. And your boys are ALL so so cute, love seeing pics of the whole gang. melx