Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Two other Floorplans We're Now Considering

These are the two new schemes we are currently looking at. Basically the front section of the house in all three schemes is the same (which now include the master bedroom + ensuite.)

Option 1

The main difference between this plan and the original is the corridor that runs between the bedrooms and the terrace has been removed which a) allows for bigger bedrooms and b) increases the width of the terrace. I've now managed to find a way to fit two single beds into one of the kids' rooms, so no need for bunks, YIPEE.

And this is the second scheme:

Option 2

Here we have 2 x kid's bedrooms, both much larger (two children to a room). However as you can see, this scheme provides for a wonderfully large terrace which incorporates some outdoor banquette seating which would be great for entertaining. When you enter the house through the front door, you have a vista straight through to the outdoor fireplace on the terrace which would look amazing while fully ablaze during our cooler nights - no need for those gas patio heaters, and I'm sure the boys will have fun cooking marshmallows here.

This image (while not correct) gives you an idea what the terrace will look like

Both plans still allow access to the backyard via a rear stairwell behind the kids' rooms without them having to run through the house to get outside. The other nice thing I like about all these plans is that you can be standing in the kitchen and have a view straight out into the street as well as long views right to the rear boundary - it gives that feeling of spaciousness which is very important to a relatively small house on a small lot.

There you have it - all three designs have their pros and cons, it's just a matter of choosing which one is the best for our family.


  1. I am sure the decision you make will be the one that suits the dynamics of your four boys, but I do love the last option with the bigger terrace. You would I'm sure find you spend all your time there. I'm going to be geeky and ask what the orientation of the block is - ie where does the sun move through the day and where are the breezes? x

    1. Hi Fiona, the block has a N to S orientation (so the front of the house faces North). Not ideal, however most of the rooms have openings on at least two sides, so this should enable good cross-ventillation. We should get some nice morning sun through the sitting room, kitchen, corridor and boys' rooms (which will have some sort of timber batten screening so it doesn't get too hot.) Fortunately there is a 2-storey building on the western side, which actually shades the house from the hot afternoon sun in the summer. xx

  2. I agree...I love the larger terrace too.
    I have never really understood the need for big bedrooms...all you do is sleep in there!
    Plus, I don't know if you are thinking about resale but I would imagine that two larger bedrooms would be more attractive to most buyer than three or four smaller ones.

  3. Gosh you have been busy while I have been gadding around Toowoomba! Love the bigger terrace and the two bigger boys bedrooms. Would it be useful to have some doors or a connection from room 4 and the terrace? For access and or light? The 3d images are fantastic btw, really helps resolve stuff doesn't it? Roboboy has just casually mentioned that since he is turning 7 soon, will be he upgrading his bed........ to bunks! He is not at all rambunctious or disaster prone so we are considering it but totally get your concerns. mel x

    1. It's hard to tell from my hand drawings, but two of the walls around the terrace are glazed with stacker doors, so they completely open up onto the terrace (which is really an outdoor room.) The other wall is made from masonry which will be fitted with an open fire. I'll post an updated floor plan (which is being re-jigged just a little) and then we are off and away.