Saturday, 29 September 2012

Lock it in, Eddie

We have finally agreed on the floor plan - no more changes (other than a bit of tweaking with the kitchen and master bedroom layout.) So here it is:

The terrace will act as an outdoor room, which will get some lovely morning sun. It will be glazed on two sides, which can be opened right up, blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors. On the flips-side it can also be used during the colder parts of the year as we will have an outdoor fireplace, which is the focal point of the scheme.

I can see us having lots of our meals out here and the beauty about it is I can hose it down afterwards. I am sick of cleaning the floor after each and every meal - are all kids messy eaters like mine?

So where to from here? We're finally at Design Development. This is where the other specialist consultants (eg hydraulic and structural engineers) come on board. It's also where the bathroom, kitchen and joinery designs get finalised. I'm hoping that by the end of October we should have a full set of construction drawings ready for tender.

I've already been doing some preliminary sketches for the kitchen design in my spare time - Mark and the three older boys have headed up to Cairns leaving me alone for a few days with the baby. Let me say that looking after one child is a walk in the park! We will meet them up there tomorrow for a week of fun in the sun. Hope you are enjoying the holidays.


  1. Looks great...I love the big terrace.
    Enjoy your time as a mother of one!
    And have a great holiday!

  2. Gosh a lot has happened since I last tuned in - this looks great, - the two living rooms will work well and I don't think you will be sorry reducing the size/going to one story - boys love sharing rooms and a smaller mortgage seems the right direction now-days.