Thursday, 13 September 2012

Plans and Pink Ceiling Roses

As you can see, I've been busy sketching up floor plans for not one, but three different houses. I swear I should have been a draftsman - I actually enjoy solving the spatial problems of trying to fit six people into a relatively small house. I've managed to shave off 37m2 (without a major loss of amenity) from our current plans - which brings the total area down to 165m2. Sounds pretty small doesn't it? Take away 10 metres of glazing (if we choose the external corridor option) and I predict there'll be a saving of approximately $130,000. In the current economic climate, I think it's the wise thing to do.

Yep, there are still 3 house options on the table and by the end of the month our decision will be made. I actually have a firm favourite, which happens to be Mark's least. Unfortunately we are one of those couples that seem to disagree on everything - but I will get my own way;) The house I like has a nice layout, good sized yard, will accommodate us for now, and if and when we decide to extend is not bound by the small lot code. Most importantly the makeover that is required can be done fairly quickly, which means we can get out of this apartment pronto. But one thing I'm sure we'll both agree on is that the pink ceiling roses have gotta go.


  1. When we moved into our house we had that colour pink walls and green was like living inside a watermelon!

    Good luck with whichever option ends up being the one!

  2. Wow I am in awe of your ability to solve those problems. I remember we narrowed our plans down to two favourites, and I was amazed at how our draftsman helped us solve the little problems we had by changing a wall here or a doorway there - my brain doesn't work like that. Good luck with the decisions and yes I'm confident that you will get your own way ;-) Fx

  3. Yee gad, those ceiling roses are ghastly aren't they? We sound very similar, I too lovely nothing more than fiddling around with floor plans, did it several times on various houses we looked at before Betsy. Cannot believe you are doing it with three at once though, that takes commitment. Good luck, as you know from my recent rant that we don't agree on everything over here, in fact I had to completely badger Legoman into buying Betsy when we did. mel x