Wednesday, 26 September 2012

More Design Options, and what is better - Pull-Out Bed or Bunks?

Just when I thought everything (in terms of the design) was wrapped-up, my architect is now looking at a couple of other schemes. What, more decisions to make? We should have some preliminary models ready by the end of the week, so hopefully it won't take long to decide which is the best one.  Then we can commence the Design Development stage - one step closer to getting this project off the ground.

Because we've deleted the upper story that contains the master bedroom, we've had to find room for it downstairs. This now means that two of the boys will have to share a room and I am a little unsure about how to make it work. The room is not large enough for two single beds and I am somewhat opposed to installing bunk beds in the kids' bedrooms because (a) they are a bugger to make and (b) my boy's are at risk of injuring themselves. They are still too young to be using them in a safe and appropriate way. I just know they will be jumping from the top bunk and the thought of broken bones and a sudden dash to the hospital scares me to death.

So this is another option I have been toying with. Imagine this is a wardrobe:

which at bedtime becomes a bed:

Both images from Gill Architecture

What do you think? It's definitely safer than a bunk bed. However if this option proves to be impractical, then I will get a set of bunks custom-made using these images as a reference.

This particular one from Ouef will go with the bed plinths I have in mind for the other bedrooms:

Bed plinths with built-in drawers

And I don't mind these ones either.


  1. I'm no help to you. Treating those injuries is my stock and trade, and I personally wouldn't get bunk beds for that reason. My son is almost eight and I still choose holiday accommodation that has beds rather than bunks. But my opinion is of course informed by the things I see at work, which don't reflect all the kids who can use them safely. Is the room long enough that you can put the beds end to end like they have done in the 6th photo - I think that looks fantastic. Good luck ....Fx

    1. Hi Fiona, yes, I've seen those posters on the walls of the Emergency Dept and that's why I'm not particularly keen on them. But I may now have a solution to this! xx