Monday, 10 September 2012

External Corridor and other design changes

During the masterplan exercise with O+V, one of the original design options was for a single level addition to the rear of the cottage. This later morphed into a 2-level extension which is the design we have today.

I've been doing some thinking about the current design, just in case we continue with the reno. There are a few changes I want to make to the design (and being a woman, it's my prerogative to change my mind, again.) One of the main changes is to scale the renovation back to a single storey addition. There are a number of reasons for this, budget being the main one, and by doing this I'm guessing there will be a saving of approximately $100K.

(My architect doesn't know about this yet, as he is on holidays overseas.) I've been doing some preliminary sketches to show him on his return.

New rear elevation

This is how the new floorplan will look :

The master bedroom will be moved to occupy space in the original cottage. The sitting room/library, kitchen and scullery will stay in the same location, however as the kitchen is quite substantial in size, we could potentially use it as an eat-in-kitchen (using either a table or breakfast bar).

Above images from Anthony Gill Architects

Image from Base Architecture

The multipurpose room is just that - it can be used as a dining room, TV room or bedroom - I think it's important to have that flexibility to change things around as your needs change.

The rear addition which contains the kids' bedrooms and amenity area remains the same, however I'm seriously thinking of one radical change and that is to make the corridor (15) into an external corridor (or essentially a verandah) that is linked to the backyard by a set of stairs.

Image from Base Architecture

So rather than the wall adjacent to the terrace being glazed, it would be screened by simple timber battens. The battens will allow good cross-ventilation whilst providing security at the same time. The boys rooms will then have glazed timber sliding doors which open onto the corridor.

Our beautiful Queensland climate will allow their bedroom doors to be left fully or at least partially open for about 80% of the year. As an added bonus, the dappled morning sunlight will have a lovely effect shining into their bedrooms along with the sensory experience it will create - a little bit like camping. I think the boys would love it.

Do you think that would be too radical?


  1. Hi Caroline. I have been following your posts with interest. Friends of ours lived in your cottage and had their first two babies there 15,16 years ago! I love your ideas and particularly the external corridor/ long as your not botherd by mozzies as I am.

    Good luck, Helen

  2. Hi Helen, How did you find this blog, and isn't that amazing! Would love to find out more re the history of our cottage. No, I'm not a fan of mozzies either, so if we did go ahead with this idea, I would certainly use some kind of retractable insect screens on each bedroom door. Centor make one that is integrated into the door frame - you can't even see it when it's retracted. Perfect solution. xx

  3. I feel like my comments are going missing but perhaps I am just replying in my head and forgetting to type it! Love any ideas that save vast wads of money. Very much like your external deck idea, especially as you and I both know they will be scootering it whether it is inside or outside. My only hesitation would be the dust and grot blowing in and then being walked all through the house. But so so good for ride ons! Good luck. mel x

    1. mmm....I'll have to have this discussion with O+V. However I can't see it being any different to having a "normal" deck. I'll be meeting with them soon, so I'll keep you posted. xx

    2. Hi Caroline, found you via my neighbour 'artistica domestica' who has mutual blogging friends to you! Recognised the criss- cross verandah and remembered the location. Six degrees of separation all round!