Thursday, 6 September 2012

Finger painting gone bad

What starts off as harmless artwork, with intentions of promoting a bit of creativity ...

suddenly turns into this:

And that's why these boys can't be left alone for one minute.

However a mother's revenge can be very sweet indeed:



  1. Oh too cute!

    I am a mean mother who never breaks out the paint at home unless it is for a school project and absolutely neccessary. I let preschool be the paint place. Slack, I know!

    Love the little piggytails - one for the 21st pinboard. Have a lovely weekend! x

  2. Oh you are a HOOT! Love those piggies, i agree about going straight to the 21st pinboard. I left Roboboy alone at a similar age with half an avocado and a spoon, came back to find only the skin remaining and him rubbing the rest of it into his thighs while saying "nice cream mama". Boys. Did you think to lie him down on a piece of paper for a whole body print, he could be the next Jackson Pollock. melx

  3. I never do painting at home either...we do crayons and chalk and leave the painting to the experts at child care!

    We did do some naked play dough time this ended with a nice puddle of wee on the kitchen floor!

    Love the blond curls!