Tuesday, 27 November 2012

How's it Hanging?

After living in an apartment for 12 months, I have had to change the way I normally do things. And in doing so, I have become very efficient doing the household laundry. Firstly we don't have a washing line, I hate using the dryer and it's against the body corporate regulations to hang things on the balcony to dry, but I've got the perfect solution.

I have been drying our clothes on one of those inexpensive mobile wardrobes, which I keep tucked away from view (so we don't get into trouble.)

Call me anal if you must, but doing the washing has got to be the most mundane of chores, so I like to keep this task relatively quick and simple. It might sound hard to believe, but I can dry the laundry from 6 people on this relatively small rack, which probably equates to about 3 metres of washing line.

After the washing is done, I give the clothes a good shake, put them straight onto hangers and leave them to dry. Once the clothes are dry, they go directly into the wardrobe; NO pegs, NO folding, but more importantly, NO ironing. I hang everything back into the wardrobe - trousers, shorts, t-shirts, the works. The only things that go into drawers are socks and jocks.

I haven't picked up an iron since I left full-time employment (which was years ago) but Mark happened to find the iron and the ironing board the other day. The kids got really excited as he unfolded the board and plugged in the iron. They wanted to know what these things were - ha!

I used to think that I would require 2 x Hills Hoists to manage our laundry, so who would have thought the solution to my laundry woes could be this simple and compact? So tell me, how do you hang?

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  1. I like this whole concept, sure minimises all that doubling handling and folding bizzo. I hate the dryer too, only use mine in those few weeks a year where it rains constantly. Mine goes outside in the sun, next to the frangipani tree on a dodgy line which I have the perfect view of from my lounge room. It will be moving when we renovate! mel x