Thursday, 15 November 2012

Banquette Seating - upholstery options

As we have opted to install banquette seating in the sitting room/library, this has negated the need to purchase an extra sofa. So all that's left to decide for this room is to select the fabric for the seat and scatter cushions.

I have always been a fan of Mokum, and their fabrics are so hard wearing which is perfect for my rough and tumble boys. I was originally planning on using something neutral, and introducing colour by means of artwork, cushions, throws, etc. But I can't seem to get that shade of "green" out of my head; that is, the same green as the tiles that we're using in the bathrooms.

I like these fabrics by Mokum - "Hakea Plain" and "Mimosa" fabrics both in Seafoam. Mimosa is similar to the pattern on the decorative glass that is being used in the room next door.

I know it would appear that I'm swapping the existing colour scheme around (ie external - green to white, and internal - white to green) but the green colour will be relatively subtle in this room as a whole. The room, which will be painted white, will be lined with VJ walls and white built-in shelving.  I was thinking of putting down a seagrass rug or similar over the polished timber floors.

So should I use the solid green "Hakea"or patterned "Mimosa" for the seat cushion? Or should I ditch the green fabric altogether and go for something else?

Artist's impression of view to sitting room from kitchen


  1. Hi Caroline, just visited my blog after 2 weeks away from it,thankyou so much for the blog award, very thoughtful of you. P.s I love the decorative glass you are using, very chic.

  2. I really like both the fabrics, but you know how much I love that colour green! Could you use both, one as the banquette seat cover and one as edging or scatter cushion fabric ? mel x

    1. Yes, I'll probably use both. I may even throw in the "Firewheel" fabric. Still have plenty of time before I have to choose the upholstery. xx