Sunday, 4 November 2012

Birthday Guilts

It was baby Oscar's 1st birthday the other day, and we didn't do anything special to celebrate it. To be honest, when you get to baby No 4 it somehow doesn't become such a priority to make a big deal of it, particularly that they don't remember it anyway. But I got the guilts big time, so the next day I went off and splurged on the following items.

The baby owl was a neat find, as it can be heated to make it nice to snuggle up to in winter, but can also be frozen to put on any bumps and bruises (which are sure to happen soon.)

Animal Hugs baby owl with removable heat & cool pack

I made a pledge recently that I would not purchase another plastic or battery operated toy, so when I spotted this wooden construction toy, it also made it into the basket.

I'm Toy - Cement Mixer

Being last in rank, Oscar usually gets everyone else's hand-me-downs, so I thought it was about time to purchase him something new to wear. These Purebaby summer essentials are great quality and cute too:

Pure Baby - 100% Organic Cotton Double Neck Tee and 3/4 Woven Shorts

I even went to the trouble to make him a birthday cake. Admittedly it was a little unconventional, but I thought that as he wouldn't be eating it anyway, I decided to make something different:

Apple and Cinnamon Tea Cake

But despite my best efforts, he really didn't understand what all the fuss was about:


  1. Happy birthday!

    It looks like he had a great one...even if he won't remember it.

    That cake looks amazing!
    What is the recipe?

  2. It's from Donna Hay's Modern Classics (Book 2) which was perfect with a cup of tea. In fact the older kids enjoyed it too. xx

  3. Oh he does look quite bemused doesn't he? The cake looks delish, did your other bubs not stuff their faces with cake? I have memories of Liongirl mashing a whole fistful into her mouth. She never strays far from the party food now that girl, will have to seriously keep an eye on her. mel x

  4. Apple and cinnamon tea cake was one of the first cakes I ever learnt to bake - lovely memories of my mum and I cooking together. I grew up in PNG and there wasn't always after school activities on offer and you couldn't really play on the street - so cooking it was!