Thursday, 28 June 2012


The weather has been pretty ordinary over the past few days (which amazingly coincides with the school holidays) so I've had to come up with some indoor activities to keep the kidlets amused. Mel over at Bungalow Bliss always inspires me with her creativity. I'm pretty useless at stuff like that, but I can read, so I Googled "paper craft" and found this fairly simple-to-make snowflake which is made of only six sheets of paper and some glue.

Jack and I worked away on this paper snowflake design while the little ones were asleep. It now hangs proudly over the baby's cot.

How are you keeping your kiddies amused during these wet school holidays?


  1. Wow that snowflake is impressive! You are doing much better than me with this last rainy week- I dragged mine to the shops twice just to get out of the house and went to work to regain my sanity. You have great taste in boys names by the way, I think our eldests have the same name- is yours 6 too? and if Liongirl was a boy she would have been a Harry!(I did subsequently read that boys named Harry are a little wild and have a higher than statistical chance of ending up in an emergency department). melx

  2. Interesting note about the name Harry - I have spent quite a few nights in hospital with him already.