Monday, 11 June 2012

Cold. Yeah right!

This morning we took the boys for a bike ride, and despite our hopes for dry weather, we got caught in a rain shower. Well at least it's not freezing cold outside.  "What" I hear you ask? 

So many people have been complaining about the cold weather lately, but let me say it's got nothing on where we spent last winter. We lived in Millthorpe, NSW for the best part of 2011. If we saw the sun during the Winter months, it was a good day. The days were usually cold, damp and misty. 

Here are some photos of our backyard in May - not quite Winter yet!

I bought these gumboots after getting my shoes soaked after walking No 1 to school through the snow one morning, something one could only dream about here in Queensland.

I didn't think I would need them when we moved back to Brisbane, but it was definitely the footwear of choice for anyone that went to the West End State School Fiesta last weekend. Despite the organisers best attempts, the school oval turned into a bog.

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