Thursday, 21 June 2012

Pea Soup

I was planning on writing about renovating a Queenslander this morning, but wanted to share some images of our morning instead. We live right on the Brisbane river and we've got the most amazing views across the river towards Toowong and Mt Cootha. I really love living on the river - the view is never the same and there is always something interesting to look at - the rowers training first thing in the morning, the Citycat pulling into the Regatta Ferry Terminal, the tugboats towing barges up and down the river, the luxury boats cruising along and the Mirimar taking tourists up to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

This morning we were blanketed with such a heavy fog, you could not see the water at all. Here are some before and after shots taken from our balcony.

 Thankfully it has now cleared to become a beautiful day. Time to go to the park kids...

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  1. Wasn't it freeeezzzing this morning? Poor Betsty had cold bones I tell you. Thank goodness for all that gorgeous northern sun spilling into my lounge room or we would all be icicles. melx