Saturday, 30 June 2012

Cost Estimates

All the necessary documentation has now gone out to the builders to prepare a cost estimate. This process is to ensure that the proposed building works are within budget. This is likely to take about 4-5 weeks, so there will be little progress next month.

Providing the figures come back on target, it will be all systems go with the next stage - Design Development. There have been instances where cost estimates have come in under budget, however this is very rare. But how good would that be?

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  1. Under budget? Really? That actually happens? Good luck with this stage- it is so daunting isn't it when you have no idea if your ideas are affordable or not. We assume everything will go up once we have complete working drawings but have tried to factor in for that as well. Btw I forgot to thank you for linking over to me with your previous post. melx