Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The weekend in pictures

As we live beside the river, we had a bird's-eye view of the disaster which unfolded over the Australia Day long weekend. Fortunately the residents of Brisbane came out of this one relatively unscathed.
First the rains came ...

then the river slowly started to rise.

People began moving their possessions to higher ground.

The river at it's peak, engulfing Riverside Drive.
The clean-up remains.
Then Tuesday rolled around, and just like that, the holidays came to an abrupt end. So after a lot of preparation, and thankfully no tears, the kids were ready to start the new school year. Sure is very quiet around here minus two.

After being house bound for the entire weekend, the kids were only too happy to don their new uniforms and head off to school.


  1. That is a lovely photo of your two boys heading off hand in hand.

    Glad you weren't too affected by the floods.
    We came out of it a little damp and very stir crazy!

  2. that photo is so cute of your boys heading of to school! glad you came of unscathed xxx

  3. My two still have two years at home before they start prep. Some days I wonder how on earth I am going to keep them entertained for that long without going stir-crazy, and other days it feels like nowhere near enough time. I'm sure I'm far from the only mum who feels that way. Glad you weren't affected by the floods. We have had some seepage through walls and floors, but all manageable. Have a lovely week. Jen

  4. Very similar post coming shortly from me. We had no power for 2 days hence the lack of anything happening on the blog. Relieved school is back ,my two were completely over each other the week before the rain started so it was a very long long weekend. Now just have to get my head around the start of kindy tomorrow and we are all good. Love that pic of your two boys hand in hand. mel x

  5. I'm so glad it wasnt any worse.