Thursday, 10 January 2013

Society Bed Linen

Our current bedding is old and worn and has been drawn all over thanks to the kids, so I'm in the market for a brand new set. I have been quietly coveting the SOCIETY bedding range for some time now - their entire range is so gorgeous it's hard to pick a favourite. SOCIETY, which is an Italian company, have only one representative in Australia and unfortunately for us Queenslander's they are located in Sydney, so it's not that easy to view the range in the flesh.

Nap Rosie Design

I recently made some enquiries about the bedding in the images above,  but unfortunately it's now out of production, so I'm looking at some other designs.

We've taken the duvet off our bed for Summer, and (here's a secret) we're using a spare quilt which belongs to one of the boy's instead. The quilt is from Lakeland Design and although it's a king single it actually fits our QS bed quite nicely and it's the perfect weight for Summer. I guess it will have to do for now.

Lakeland Mini Military Quilt - is it a bit juvenile?

Here are some more images from Society:

Their bedding includes cotton/silk blends and 100% linen. I must have been living under a rock for the past 40 years, but I have never felt or slept on 100% linen sheets. That slightly crumpled look suits me to a T because I don't iron so they are perfect for me. I can tell you, however,  that a pair of 100% linen pillowcases cost around $185. Are linen sheets really worth the extra money?


  1. So funny that you posted this...I just ordered some linen sheets from Restoration Hardware.

    I got the basic linen because we only use a fitted sheet and so I hate having to buy sets.
    But my sister has the Belgium linen and she raves about her sheets.
    I will let you know how they are once they arrive!

    1. Thanks C, They look great - I'm very interested to find out what you think of them. xx

  2. Love the idea of an intentionally crumpled sheet, would they feel soft or scratchy would be my only thought? I don't mind your boys throw on your bed, be creative I say. We have bagged up the doona too, using my good old faithful $5 chenille and it is just the right thinness on a hot night with the fan going above. mel x

  3. I'm wondering what linen sheets would be like too, I'm intrigued.

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