Thursday, 17 January 2013

...."and the little one said"

A number of people are rather surprised to learn that we are building a 3-bedroom house. Sounds small for a family of six, doesn't it? In all honesty, one bedroom would do us for the time being - when morning comes around I often find us all in the same bed anyway. Our sleeping arrangements often form a strong resemblance to a tin of sardines.

For their relatively small size, however, they seem to take up most of the room. But annoying as it can be, I know it won't last forever - I'll miss these cute and cuddly little bodies beside me.  Do your kids like to sneak into bed with you too?


  1. They are too cute!

    Sometimes if he is unsettled we try to take Toddler C into bed with never helps though...he just wants to play with the pillows and wrestle with his dad.

  2. Your boys are so so cute! Watching your portraits every week is going to be great. i really hope you guys have a king sized bed! Roboboy was in our bed alot for a long time which did not bother me as I sleep like a log but drove Legoman bonkers. Thank goodness Liongirl is a good sleeper and only comes in rarely if she has wet the bed or if she is sick. Cannot imagine how you get a wink of sleep with four of them starfishing away in the middle! mel x

  3. Yes we often have some one creep into bed with us during the night, I do love it even with the amount of room they take up!