Thursday, 31 January 2013

Peacock Chair

Look what I've just acquired - a groovy Peacock Chair and no, this wasn't a recent purchase or a cheap Op Shop find. It was absolutely, 100% free of charge - courtesy of Brisbane's Kerbside Collection Scheme. These chairs can retail up to $900, so this is definitely a bargain in my book.

I spotted this chair on the side of the road during yesterday's school run and, remarkably, it happens to be in pretty good condition. Amazing what people are willing to part with.

With a coat of white paint and a round seat cushion, I'm sure I'll find a suitable place for it in the new house. Perhaps on the front verandah or in the corner of the main bedroom. And on a sunny day, I just might drag in out into the backyard and place it underneath a shady tree. But until then, it will sit in our basement.

The scroll detail!


  1. OMG this is amazing - so jealous!!!

  2. !!!!!!!!!! How wonderful!!!!!!!!!

  3. Well done! Nothing better than a curbside score on the school run. The awesome 50's fish tank shelf in Roboboy's room was found this exact way. mel x

  4. How lucky are you. What an amazing find.

  5. I am SERIOUSLY jealous!
    What an amazing find!

    I always feel good when our curbside junk disappears is nice to know it is going to someone instead of just to the tip!

  6. Congrats on your awesome find Caroline.

  7. that's a score!!....there was one in my local vinnies yesterday for $250.00 and in crappy condition!....she will look a treat!
    Allison x

  8. It's beautiful I love cane chairs, especially free ones! Hopefully it quickly becomes a favourite x