Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Vintage Hill's Hoist - FOR SALE


We're about to do a quick site clean-up before the footings for the addition are done later in the week. Unfortunately our old Hill's Hoist will have to go (it's in the way of the new extension and is a little too large for our yard). It's strong and sturdy and in pretty good condition. So if anyone is interested in it, please drop me a line.

Lots of us grew up with these in the backyard, and these photos remind me of the fun we used to having swinging on them as kids. It doesn't look like this one copped too much abuse however. It's as straight as the day it was concreted in. Would anyone like to hazard a guess as to it's age?


  1. Oh please please please get a pic of all your boys dangling from that hills while it swings around (ok maybe not Oscar) but I'm sure all the others would be happy to step up to the plate. Such a shame it has to go so I reckon have last hurrah before it's gone. mel x

  2. Are you sure you can part with it? It is such a great example of an iconic piece. I am still scared by childhood memories of headless chooks dangling from our neighbour's HH! Don't often see one in such good nick! Too big for our yard, sadly...

  3. I love our HH! It is massive and is set right in the middle of the back yard so I imagine once Toddler C gets a bit older it will have to be either moved or removed to enable cricket and soccer games.
    Nothing like clean sheets, put out in the sun and dry in about 15 minutes thanks to the HH!

  4. They don't build them like that anymore. We've gone through 2 flimsy modern versions since being in this house for 20 years. Another great Aussie invention.

  5. Haha looks like ours although I cannot part with it !!!

    Reading your posts has made me realise how much ive missed Blog land :)