Friday, 5 July 2013

Reno - Week 4

Despite the rain, it was all systems go for the house raisers at the West End Cottage this week. The bobcat worked through the downpour on Monday, removing the existing slab from underneath the house, leaving behind an almighty mud pit. Because of the highly reactive soil type (which probably affects most of West End due to its proximity to the river), 2-3m bored piers were required which meant that the house needed to be lifted even higher to allow the auger to fit. 

New timber batten screens will be fitted between the concrete posts, keeping the original appearance.
Structural steel beams were secured to the existing bearers to allow for a wider span between the new posts:

New slab will be poured soon, and there you have it - undercover car parking for 2 + storage.
And once the holes were dug and the posts concreted into place, the house came down to rest in it's final position. The house used to be at the same level as the neighbouring property, so you can see from this photo that it is only marginally higher than before.

The colour green was obviously in vogue back in the day.
Now that the house is raised, it will allow us to comfortably park two cars in tandem. The garage door will maintain the same appearance as the timber batten screen around the perimeter of the house. No prizes for guessing what colour it will be painted.

Next week we start the footings for the extension at the rear with the new slab to follow.


  1. Exciting to see all those new posts ( not quite so exciting about the mud)! Glad the rain didn't hamper your progress this week. mel x

  2. I like how the house is not too elevated and doesn't look like it's balancing precariously in the sky. It's going to look mighty fine when it's done! xx

  3. Great progress! And great design for the garage door. I understand what you mean about the mud! Such bad timing for rain. I need to buy some gumboots!

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  5. Great to see your progress, love how the house sits in well with the neighbours - not peering down on everyone like some raised houses appear!
    (Sorry, had to delete my previous comment, too many autocorrects!!)

  6. I too like that you didn't raise it too much higher than what it is going to look so nice when it is finished.
    I bet the boys loved all that mud!

  7. What I love best about your renovation and extension is how it is integrated with the existing architectural style of the house and its surroundings. I'll agree with others that the fact you didn't raise it 'way up' into the stratosphere, means the house still looks perfectly proportioned (as the last photo shows), and the timber batten screen will keep it looking like a Queenslander cottage. Love it!

  8. Looks great! It doesn't look out of place compared to your neighbours-and will look pefect once the screens are reattached. . Lucky the rain didn't affect the progress! Love watching your renos!

  9. Yay progress, you must be so excited.

  10. I know it's repetitive but I agree with everyone. I LOVE that you've maintained the Queenslanders proportions. Just looks right. Our garage door has battens too. Looking forward to seeing everything un fold!

  11. Hi Caroline,
    How exciting it's really happening! The proportions look great, not too high..I look forward to following your reno! Helen

    1. Thank you Helen, I was talking to my neighbour and she speaks fondly of your friends that lived in the house. xx

  12. Looks great Caroline, not to high , I like your outer concrete stumps. Hope all goes well for the footings.

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  14. Great to visualize your progress, love however the house sits in well with the neighbours - not peering down on everybody like some raised homes appear!
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