Saturday, 13 July 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2013." via Che and Fidel

Oscar: You seem to be unable to walk - you'd much rather run.
Charlie: The other night when you were supposed to be sleeping, you unzipped the cushion on your bed and ripped through the insert just like that. The filling piled up all over the floor. "Charlie, my darling child. Charlie, you'll drive me wild."
Harry: Since turning five, you keep asking if you can return to Prep, as I pulled you out at the end of Term 1. Your reason: "Kindy is boring."
Jack: Screen time - the only time you can manage to sit still.


  1. Gosh our tribes are similar! Lots of energy, squirming, trouble seekers the lot of them! You just have double the quantity of mine, may the force be within you. We should hang out some time. My girl thinks she is an honorary boy and would be in heaven with all your gang. Mel x

  2. I love all four portraits this week...the black and white is wonderful.
    What is it with Charlies and trying to figure out how things are put together? Mine is forever taking things apart and investigating how they work...which is a nice way of saying destroying things!

  3. LOVE these gorgeous black and white shots and LOVE your little cottage too :0)

  4. Love the tone in your B&W images, you have given them a gorgeous depth