Saturday, 27 July 2013

My Thermomix Died!

Well it didn't actually die - it still worked, but I kept getting these pesky alarms and error messages which were becoming a tad irritating. As I was still within my two year warranty period I contacted my Rep and she organised the rest. A courier came, picked up the machine and within a week it was sitting back on my bench top.

But whilst it was only gone for a short time, I really did miss it. I use it daily - actually three to four times a day at least. My poor machine really does cop a flogging.

Here's just a sample of what I've been making lately:

Lemon Curd

Risotto Arrabbiata

Pecan Pie

Vanilla Ice Cream (yes I make my own.) And the reason for it's slightly cream-coloured appearance is that I use Full-Cream Unhomogenised Guernsey Milk from Maleny Dairies - it's the best milk!

Raspberry and Blueberry Friands for the kid's lunchboxes (I know - pretty spoilt aren't they!)
Whilst technically you don't require a TM to make friands or cakes, I do use it to aerate the dry ingredients and get rid of those dreaded lumps in icing sugar (I don't bother with a sieve anymore.)

And lately I've been baking all sorts of different kinds of breads, but I'm finally onto a winner with this Ciabatta bread that I baked just this morning:

Ciabatta, a classic Italian bread, has lots of large air pockets and the most delicious crispy crust. This bread recipe is made up of four simple ingredients: water, flour, salt and the tiniest bit of yeast - that's it. I made the dough (mixed in 30 seconds) which sat in a lightly oiled bowl overnight. Then this morning I placed it onto a floured tray and into a hot oven for half an hour - done. How easy is that? There is nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread and the taste and texture is truly amazing. I know we've got the markets and Sol Breads just up the road, but at $7 a loaf, making this at home is far cheaper and it only takes 30 minutes to cook, which is the time it would take me to get to the shop and back.

I will be sharing the recipe over here soon.

Thermomix Ciabatta 


  1. Thermomixes kind of mystify me. So many end results, one small machine. I would love to own one one day - for now, I'll just drool over the end results from yours.

  2. So Caroline, Kate tried to convince me to buy one of these. Bottom line, are they worth the investment? Cheers, Col

  3. Oh, I can't wait for the ciabatta recipe!! And those friends look wonderful x

  4. Oh this all looks so relish, especially that ice-cream. Have you got a good dairy free recipe that you make? Btw, initially mis-read that sentence to read " whilst technically you don't require a TM to make FRIENDS " and thought thank goodness as there is no room in my budget for one for at least a decade! Currently I will be sitting on bean bags in my gorgeous new lounge room whilst we save up for the lounge! Glad they fixed the workhouse quickly for you. mel x

  5. Argh! You are killing me! There was a Thermomix demo tent at the Red Hill Fair today and I was so close to buying one! Fingers crossed for a big tax refund!

  6. Hi Caroline, I agree Maleny milk is the best! I don't buy anything else (which may in part explain my poor weight loss performance). Apparently they were closed down at one stage because their milk tasted 'funny'...and they found that it just tasted different because it was real milk! You are an enviable Domestic Goddess, not to mention a great food stylist. Helenx

  7. That food looks beautiful, your pics are stunning! I lost my mojo with baking, you may of just kick-started it again!

  8. Can't wait for the ciabatta recipe! I spent 3 months in Europe and every lunch was ciabatta (or similiar), cheese and tomato. I could eat it forever. The simplest things .... but done to perfection.

  9. I love friands! can smell the bread from here, yum.

  10. I will be answering all of your questions (and more) in an upcoming post. xx