Saturday, 22 December 2012

Shared Bedrooms

Well haven't we gone full circle? I was just reading back through the blog when we were in the middle of the design phase and we were unsure about whether the kids should share a bedroom or not. Then we decided that they would have a room each. And as it turns out now, they will be sharing - two to a room.

As mentioned previously, the kids' bedrooms will be located in the new extension at the back of the house. Hopefully the separation between their rooms and ours will put a stop to all those late night visits we still seem to be getting.

Each bedroom is average in size, but as there will be two boys to a room, we have tried to incorporate as much storage as possible.

Both rooms will include built-in beds, which consist of a plinth with drawers underneath - a good place to stash toys, shoes, etc. We also plan to install some open shelves above each bed for books, toys or to display their favourite objects.

A wardrobe will be located at the foot of each bed, and will include hanging space and open shelves. I got the architects to specify two rails in the wardrobes, one at the standard height and one placed halfway down. I want the kids to become independent and be able to dress themselves, so having clothes at a level where they can reach them will certainly benefit this cause. As they get older the top rail can cater for shirts, jackets, etc and the bottom rail will become a trouser rail.

The bedrooms will have vaulted ceilings, which will increase the feeling of spaciousness, however  a bulkhead over the bed itself will create a cozy, cocooning feeling - perfect place to snuggle up at bedtime.

Blackbutt flooring has been specified for the entire house (including the bedrooms) except for the original cottage where the existing golden honey-coloured hoop pine boards will be sanded back and polished.

Only question now is whether to keep the kids' rooms neutral or add a splash of colour?

Chalkboard walls


  1. It sounds like a fantastic space for busy boys. I definitely think a splash of colour.

  2. I think I would keep them neutral and then let them add their own colour?

  3. You know what I will say about the colour! I don't think the word neutral is even in my vocab. Love all the storage you have designed, so so makes everything else work. mel x

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