Tuesday, 18 December 2012

West End Cottage - Interior Design by me

Now that the plans are complete, I've been spending a lot of time daydreaming about furnishing the interior. A lot of people find this task pretty easy, but my problem is I like so many different styles - I can sway from one style and/or colour palette to another within hours.

If money were no object, I would hire an interior designer. But for now I'm just going to have to wing this on my own, but of course any ideas or feedback on this subject is MOST welcome.

You all know that the weatherboards will be painted white (with just a little black here and there) but I don't want the interior to take on a monochromatic look, so I have been considering adding some pops of colour  - and my colour of the moment is YELLOW.  I've been putting together several mood boards which I find really helpful.

Now normally I would not be so brave as to select a colour for a piece of furniture - I always go for something safe, but I am loving this bright yellow chair from Thonet for the dining area:

My initial choice was this DSW chair in black:

which I thought was a good option as it is a) easy to wipe down, b) won't show dirt and grime and c) masculine (remember this is a male dominated household after all.)

But I thought that the yellow chairs will add a certain cheeriness at the breakfast table each morning which I hope will set the mood for the rest of the day.

I thought of taking the same colour scheme into the living room as well:

Dark scheme

Light scheme

Would you buy brightly coloured dining chairs or would you save this colour for accessories only?


  1. You know, I think I would, but I would choose something cheap and cheerful, so that if I tired of the colour I wouldn't feel bad about replacing the said items.

  2. Ditto Polly.
    And I love the dark scheme for the living room...we have a cream couch at the moment and it is a nightmare to keep clean...I would love to trade it in for a charcoal one!

  3. Would I buy colourful dining chairs? Well of course but I too would want the option to paint over them if I got bored without freaking out the other half because they cost a bucket in the first place. I love the yellow option, especially with black and white, if you are looking for fabrics- fabrictraders.com.au have a huge range of yellows and they will make cushions up for you if you don't sew.
    Also have you seen the fab fabric with yellow pineapples all over it from Keren Brown? It is so lovely, and would really suit this style. I think with black and white you can add whatever colour you like and change if you get bored or it goes out of style, just remember not too many colours at once or you get liquorice all sorts.
    I'm the same too, I like a lot of interior styles and can appreciate many gorgeous designs even though they may not be "me" through and through. I actually love those houses that use all neutrals and wood and white but know I could never live without colour myself. I plan to saturate my sewing room with colour and vintage sheets and keep the rest of the house more white/wood and artworks.

  4. Oh yeah! Go the yellow thonet! xx

  5. Oh Yes, colour makes you happy (I really believe that!) and the yellow really compliments your painting.. think black would be overwhelmimg with the artwork. Love the charcoal lounge too. Helen

  6. I love how you can make your mood boards...which program do you recommend to do this?
    Love your work!

    1. It's actually just a cut and paste from the www