Friday, 7 December 2012

2013 - Year of The Reno

It has been approximately 10 months since my first meeting with O+V+P and after a number of changes from the original concept design, the plans are now finally complete. We expect to go out to tender in January so hopefully the actual work will commence sometime during the first quarter of 2013.

As I sit here looking at the photos of the house, I realise this will be one of the last times I see it in it's  original state.

We are now finally ready to start this renovation, but there have been plenty of hurdles along the way - renovating on a small lot in a DCP is not easy, but in saying that it is certainly achievable. Yes, the associated constraints have made this project more difficult than most, however it has also presented opportunities for innovation and design.

The house is much smaller in size than I had anticipated for a household of six, but I don't necessarily see this as a negative thing. Working within a tight budget and strict planning regulations is much like a good sauce, it's the reduction that enriches the final outcome.

After so much time and money has been spent on the design, will it meet all my expectations? Does using an architect make that much difference to the final outcome? I guess I'll just have to wait to find out. One thing I can say, however, is that working with the team at Owen+Vokes+Peters has been an absolute joy and pleasure. Their innovative ideas, attention to detail and work ethic never ceases to amaze me. Would I recommend them? Definitely.

Thanks to everyone that has joined us on this journey so far. I've received lots of really positive feedback and it's been fun sharing my experiences throughout the design process. If you want to stick around, come and follow the next phase of the project - Construction. I'm sure there'll be lots of stories and information to share with you along the way.


  1. You must be so excited for the construction phase...I know I am excited to see all the progress!

  2. Sounds like we should be doing side by side renos, ours is slated to take around 4 months, hoping to start late Feb/early March. Your poor old girl is looking a little rough round the edges isn't she? Poor Betsy is just a little cross to discuss the quote for changing her blue frock to grey is obscene and she might be waiting a little longer for that! mel x

  3. I can't wait to see it all begin.

  4. Hi there - that's a lovely old cottage. Do you know anything of its history? It has some colonial as well as federation features.

    1. Hi, No unfortunately I don't have any info on it's history, but would love to find out. As soon as I can find some time, I will start digging around. xx

  5. Well, I'm looking for case studies for my blog - A House in Auchenflower, check my post on researching house histories. I'd be happy to help out and give you head start if you're interested, just drop me a line on my blog.

    Good luck with the reno!