Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sitting Room/Library Concept

This is the preliminary concept plan for the new sitting room/library:

Concept - view from hallway into sitting room

The built-in joinery will include display shelves, book shelves and cupboard storage. We did have plans to replace the window with french doors to provide access from this room onto the front verandah, but due to planning regulations this is no longer happening.

Concept - view from kitchen into sitting room

This is how the room looks now - it is currently being used as a bedroom:

Surprisingly, the internal walls are white - no shades of green, pink or yellow to be seen.


  1. Gorgeous, what fun. It looks peaceful. Thanks for sharing..


  2. Love all these images from your architects. So much better than my hand drawn chicken scratchings. Love all the built in seating you have planned. I'm sure I commented on this post but it too has vanished. Must be the bad karma from trying to post comments at work! mel x

    1. My comments seem to be vanishing too - is there a glitch with blogger?