Thursday, 25 October 2012

Design Progress - Bathrooms

There hasn't been much to report on in regards to the progress of the cottage of late. All that's been happening is regular meetings with the architects to discuss the design elements of the new scheme. A lot of planning is going into the joinery details and finalising the schedule of fixtures and fittings. They are still plugging away on the drawings which should be finished soon.

However, here is the latest update on the bathrooms.

Product Selection

The bathroom and ensuite will have the same fixtures and fittings, for consistency. As both rooms are relatively small, we have chosen to use round wall-mounted basins to create a feeling of spaciousness.

Main Bathroom Section

The basin in the main bathroom is located in a niche, and will have a mirrored cabinet above it with open display shelving on either side.

As I mentioned earlier, green happens to be a favourite colour of mine, so I have decided to use it on the bathroom floors. The house is currently painted light green (soon to be replaced with Dulux "Whisper White"), so I wanted to ensure that the new program would reference some of the existing features of the house. The same green floor tile will also be used as a skirting tile. The walls will be tiled with gloss white subway tiles with slate grey (or charcoal coloured) grout.

The beautiful thing about this space is that it will be flooded with natural light. If you imagine standing in front of the mirror, there will be a casement window on the right-hand wall (roughly the same size as the mirror) and full height glazing behind you.


  1. Looks amazing so far!

    Love a restful green, it will be a haven of relaxation in there.

    You had me at subway tiles. Loving all your choices, and lots of natural light is always a winner!

  2. Love all your choices. That round basin is gorgeous. xx

  3. You know already i love those green tiles. Really like the open shelving idea too. mel x

  4. can you tell me where you got those green floor tiles?

  5. The tiles are a Winkelman's fully vitrified 100x100 floor tile - colour is Pistachio available from Metro Tiles. Regeneration Tiles also sell a very similar product. xx

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