Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Great Brisbane Duck Race, and Room Sharing

I love the view we have out across the river - it's certainly one thing I'm going to miss when we eventually move.

It's generally pretty quiet, and particularly since this section of Riverside Drive has been closed to traffic. However last weekend, this was the venue for The Great Brisbane Duck Race and it definitely livened things up. We must have had the best vantage point.

For $10 each, the kids got unlimited access on all the rides. I think the firm favourite was the jumping castle. And boy did they sleep well that night.

And speaking of sleeping, we made some minor adjustments to the sleeping arrangements around here. I decided that it was high time to reclaim our bedroom, which meant that baby Oscar (who had been sleeping in our wardrobe for the past year) has moved into a shared room with his big brother.

And these two rascals:

are now sharing this room together:

So far, so good.

And I'll finish off with a vista from the end of our street - those Jacarandas are in full bloom now - they are just gorgeous.

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