Wednesday, 10 October 2012

How things change in one week!

I've only been away for one week, but there have been many changes around here. I must say it was lovely to be greeted back home by the magnificent flowering jacarandas - those pops of purple are dotting the Brisbane skyline everywhere. Yes, Spring is definitely here.

Also on arrival was a HUGE rubber duck sitting in the Brisbane River. The Great Brisbane Duck Race, a charity event to support cancer research, is on again this Sunday, 14 October. Unfortunately the new duck is having problems sitting upright. The old one was destroyed last year by vandals the night before the event  - I watched it all unfold. At around midnight, two men undressed and swam into the Brisbane River, deflated the duck then slithered out and ran off up the road in their jocks - cowards.

And remember this old girl?

Well six months later she's hardly recognisable:

That large concrete structure on the RHS is the new swimming pool; the car accommodation will be behind the yellow skip.

I don't know if it's official yet, but there has been a name change. Local architectural firm Owen and Vokes are now Owen and Vokes and Peters. Long time collaborator, Aaron Peters, has finally got his name up in lights - congratulations Aaron.


  1. Hi Caroline!

    Love the Jacarandas, I think they are the most beautiful tree on the planet! I was wondering what the duck was for when AM posted about it ages ago. So sad people can't let things be...

    Just checked out your holiday snaps, your boys are gorgeous! Must of been lovely (and hectic) to go up north. xx

    1. The kids had a ball - I on the other hand am exhausted, and it didn't help that I came down with the flu two days into the holiday. I can only hope it will get easier as they get older. xx