Friday, 4 May 2012

What the . . .

I have always admired this Queenslander which is located just around the corner from us.  It sits proudly on an elevated block.

It has lovely park and river views.

It's traditional fixtures are still intact: picture rails, silky oak panelling and rich timber floors.  This house has not been compromised by time; it is beautifully preserved.

This house would have been perfect for us and the kids:  good sized block, close to the park, close to public transport, lovely views. Yes, this house ticks all the boxes. I've often thought about what I would do to it if it were mine.  Certainly not this  . . .


  1. Yikes. Now that's a tall house! xx

  2. Nooooo I hate it when they do this :( They ruin all the good houses don't they.