Saturday, 5 May 2012

Life is too short to drink bad coffee

How I miss my butterfly.

La Scala Butterfly

We are currently renting an apartment that is fitted out with an expensive european built-in coffee machine. If you are considering buying one of these, think very carefully before parting with your money. After doing heaps of research, we ended up purchasing the above machine; a La Scala Butterfly, which I thoroughly recommend.  It is made in Italy and is basically a commercial grade machine that makes THE best coffee. We've had ours for about 2 years, and it hasn't skipped a beat.

Although the integrated unit in our apartment looks nice and tidy sitting there in the cabinetry, it just doesn't compare with the Butterfly, and quite frankly, it is a pain in the butt. If we had more bench space, I would get ours out of storage.

Anthony Gill Architects

I was flipping through a recent edition of Houses magazine the other day and found a Butterfly in a kitchen of a couple who own a number of cafes and restaurants around inner Sydney. Surely they must know a thing or two about good coffee.

More info on this machine is available here.

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