Friday, 25 May 2012


Very excited today, as we've finally decided upon the floor plan layout.  Let me walk you through...

But first, this is the how the existing house looks. As you walk through the front door, there are bedrooms on either side of the corridor. Further along the corridor there is a living room on the left and kitchen on the right. The bathroom is in the lean-to addition at the back of the kitchen. That's it!

Existing Floor Plan

And this is what is proposed.

Proposed Floor Plan

When you enter the house, you will get this great "gun barrel" effect as you will have views straight through to the backyard via the glazing right at the end of the corridor in the new addition. The existing house will incorporate the public spaces - that is, dining room, living areas and kitchen. I'm actually glad that these spaces are located in the original building - firstly because they're on the northern side, but secondly I get to enjoy the character and charm of the vjs, timber floors and 3 metre ceilings. The kitchen, my "control room" will incorporate a scullery and will have access and views out to the front and rear of the house; great for supervising the kids. From the kitchen, you will step down onto a terrace and then down to the yard.

As you walk through towards the back of the house you will arrive in the children's wing - a row of bedrooms flanked either side by a corridor. At the end of the main corridor, you come to a staircase which will either lead you outside to the backyard, or upstairs to the master bedroom. The corridor on the other side of the bedrooms (what I call the service corridor), adjoins the bathroom, WC, and laundry. Although the kid's bedrooms are small, they do have wide openings on either sides which will allow them to "borrow" space, particularly from the main corridor which will include a long window seat - nice spot to play or read a book.

This house is all about function, and to keep the addition as small as possible, we've designed the house to have multi-purpose rooms, rather than multiple rooms. We can change rooms around as our needs change. It's more about the quality of space, rather than quantity, the rooms will seem bigger, borrowing and sharing both within the house and from the gardens.


  1. Wow, that is one impressive reno. Love the kids wing, that super long hallway looks perfect for skateboards! What is the front left middle room- is that your pantry or part of your kitchen? The kitchen is going to have a gorgeous outlook in that spot too and heaps of northern light. melx

  2. Hey there. The room you are referring to will be the scullery, or as I call it "back of house." As you can imagine, I'm going to need a big fridge, big pantry and LOTS of prep space to feed the 6 of us. The exact design of the kitchen is yet to be sorted out, but this is basically a general idea of the space allocated. Looking forward to designing this room. When are you starting?

  3. Brilliant- a massive pantry food prep area. No idea when we are starting- soon as we find out if we can afford it and find a builder we like- have had 3 over in the last week- now we wait and see. Kitchens are so much fun to design- we have pretty much sorted ours out, I'm so excited to be having a butlers pantry- yippee! We are barely tampering with our footprint as we have a granny flat to incorporate but we are massively altering our roofline hence finding it difficult to budget. melx